Historical Church Tour

Historical Church Tour
A Self Guided Tour Of Remaining Early Churches Built Before 1900 in Steuben County, Indiana

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 “Before the  rst churches were built, religion was carried to the frontier

by the circuit rider, a preacher on horseback.  e circuit rider visited

pioneer families in their own cabins. He carried a Bible and a hymnbook

in his saddlebag. He preached at crossroad settlements, standing on a

stump or a wagon bed. He read from the Bible, prayed, and “lined out”

hymns, reading one line at a time, which the people sang after him. In

remote cabins he performed baptisms and marriages. He prayed over the

graves of the dead.


As settlements grew, communities organized congregations and built

churches at the crossroads.  e church became a social as well as a

religious center. It was a place of community socials and suppers, of

Christmas entertainments, of Sunday School parties and neighborhood

gatherings.  e frontier church provided the  rst strong social bond in

new communities.


“Pioneer Life.”  e New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Online, 2015


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